Why I’m 100% All-In On Bitcoin

And more bullish than ever before.

Todd Dosenberry
4 min readJan 8, 2023
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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. The following words describe my Bitcoin journey, what I’m doing with it, and why. I’m just an ordinary guy.

When I discovered Bitcoin in late 2011, it was worth $20. I didn’t buy any.

In 2015, while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I befriended a brit who had a business in the Bitcoin industry. We discussed Bitcoin often. The price was less than $500. I didn’t buy any.

Years passed.

In November 2021, Bitcoin skyrocketed above $68,000. It’s been dropping steadily ever since and has crashed a few times for good measure. Thanks to Scam Bankrun-Fraud, it crashed below $16K on November 9 and has been hovering around this price ever since.

Imagine buying something for $1,000 that is worth $825,000 11 years later, even after the value drops 76% from its all-time high. Welcome to Bitcoin.

Can Bitcoin be worth 825x its price today in the next 11 years? Yes, it’s possible. If this happens, it’ll be worth $13,612,500 by 2034.

Why do I mean by “100% all-in”?

I’m investing in Bitcoin and nothing else. The only caveat is I have a 401k with the company I work for and contribute what the…



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